Friday, April 30, 2010

Rincon: Where time & troubles of the world pass by...

...Or at least that's what their website says! We stayed our third night in the city of Rincon; it was where Mitch was assigned to close the bank. Bexley liked all the moving around & traveling. I was worried she wouldn't be able to sleep with all the moving around we did, but she was exhausted from all the excitement every night that she didn't care where she slept! These pictures are from the hotel we stayed at in Rincon... Mitch was M.I.A. working hard.

New Room! Yea!

All to ourselves... I love the off-season!

Nap time under a poolside umbrella.... Ah, the life!


A new friend

"What do you mean he's taller?!?"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up, Up, and Away We Go!

Bexley's first plane ride went a lot better than I could have ever dreamed! The flight attendants loved her, she even earned her wings! The girl is a natural... She definitely takes after her Dad in that aspect. For those who don't know, I absolutely hate flying! I love traveling, but hate flying. I've improved a lot over the last several years; I no longer gouge my nails into the passenger next to me at takeoff and landing and turbulence doesn't leave me crying in the aisles as it has in the past. Although flying has never stopped me from visiting family or new places, I definitely prefer my feet planted on the ground!

After 10 hours of traveling, we finally arrived at our hotel. We couldn't even think or resting, we were in Puerto Rico! We threw on our bathing suits & hit the water park!

Amanda & Baby Bex on the "Lazy River"

Relaxing in the pool... Yes, the pool! What a view!

"Ok, enough guys! Let's go rest!"

A very peaceful end to a very long day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nap Time!

Bex is a real trooper. Because her parents are always running around crazy, she has pretty much mastered the art of falling asleep whenever and wherever she wants....
For some reason it always seems to be on Mitch's watch....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day

This year's Easter Baskets were fun to make! Instead of getting Bexley a basket, I just filled a flower pot we had laying around with some grass (left) and made the other one with Claudia Lopez out of milk jugs (right). Cute, huh? Claudia is one clever lady!
Also, I finally bought Bexley the spiky ball she always plays with at the library. She played with it about the entire time of conference.

Mitch & I got some good stuff too-except I kinda misjudged how many bags of jellybeans it takes to fill a mason jar. And, I finally got a pizza cutter! Mitch disassembled mine last year for an object lesson...... It was a great lesson, but my pizza cutter never recovered. All in all, a nice, relaxing Easter.

After Conference we went for a walk & Bexley lived it up in the Boehmke's vintage stroller from the 70's.... It's the actual stroller Tim's Mom used to roll him around in...
A big upgrade from our Snap & Go!

Swingin' around with Dad.

Happy Easter!

During conference, Mitch kept closing his eyes. Every time I'd give him a loving nudge, he'd open his eyes and say, "I'm awake, I just have my eyes closed..." Sure you were! Last time we drag the mattress into the office for conference! ;)

SWIFT RETALIATION: Within less than an hour of me posting this, Mitch devised a plan to get me back. He put my cell phone out on the deck. When I heard it ringing outside, I knew it was a trap, but I had no idea it involved more than just trying to lock me out! I finally went out to get it-because I was dying to see who called me-Mitch locked me out of the house. NO surprise there... The surprise came when he poured a bunch of water on my head from the window directly over the back door where I was banging to get back in! Clever boy-he ever changed my special ringtone for him on my cellphone to the generic one so I wouldn't know it was him calling to lure me outside! URGH!... And so the war began.....