Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"I'll do it!"

When Elder Ray dropped by to say goodbye before transfers, he didn't miss his chance to do a bit of service before going. I can't think of a time he ever came to our house and didn't extend a helping hand. If I ever asked, "Can someone set the table?" or anything to that nature, he was always the first to his feet shouting, "I'll do it!" So it was no surprise when I came outside to find Mitch, Bex & Elder Sloan on the deck watching Ray race up & down the lawn with the mower. The boy didn't even put his backpack down first! We'll miss him... and the free labor! :)

FHE: Looking on the Bright Side....

After two amazingly inspiring talks by the Barclays last Sunday, I decided I knew exactly what we were going to do for our FHE. I could tell my wonderful hubby has been feeling down & overwhelmed lately & I thought the exercise Brother Barclay mentioned in his talk would be an uplifting one for the both of us. Brother Barclay challenged, "Write down 20 things you're good at in 5 minutes.... If you can't make it, maybe it's time to reevaluate yourself." (Not a word for word quote, but pretty close!)

So, Mitch & I grabbed pens, paper, set a timer and started writing away! When we started the activity, I had imagined it ending like this- The timer would go off: I would have my whole list done & Mitch would only have 10 things. I'd tease him a little, then I'd help him finish his list.... Not because my hubby doesn't have 20 things that he's good at-he just sometimes has a hard time recognizing his talents & giving himself rightful credit for them.

How did it really end? I thought I was off to a great start. I very thoughtfully wrote out #1-2 and then Mitch said, "Only 1 minute 20 seconds left." Then I scrambled and only made it to #13... Mitch finished with 19! Then HE helped me finish my list! Believe it or not, I'm glad I didn't finish first. Mitch reminded me of a lot of my positive attributes that I consistently overlook myself. I told him I was going to put the list somewhere I won't lose it & read it when I'm having a tough day to remind myself who I really am & what I'm really capable of:
  1. I am someone people can call in their time of need & feel comfortable doing so.
  2. I love the Lord and have a profound testimony of the gospel & its ability to heal people and families.
  3. I am an awesome Mom!
  4. I'm an even better wife!
  5. I can cook well... with recipes
  6. I am a leader who cares
  7. I support people others might not believe in
  8. I have pride in my home and family
  9. The glass is always half full
  10. I have a compassionate heart
  11. Service is my middle name
  12. I'm a faithful friend
  13. I have extreme patience...with my husband! Mitch amended this one to "I am patient to a fault"
  14. I have a great capacity to love
  15. I'm an excellent student
  16. I'm a "jack of all trades" (from patching holes in the wall to organizing messy closets!)
  17. Good with animals & kids
  18. Dedicated to whatever I choose
  19. I can motivate people
  20. I'm a great hostess!
Thanks for the help hubby!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Real Florida...

I think I found my new favorite restaurant in St. Augustine! I can’t believe my family has lived there for so long & this was my first experience at the Conch House. You can’t go wrong with a restaurant that has tiki huts, alligators & cars like this in the parking lot! When you eat there, you really feel like you're in Florida...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bugged Me Out!

This little creepy fellow-and I do mean creepy- made himself at home on our deck in Florida. I promised Marci I'd catch some video for Caleb! If you guys figure out WHAT it is, tell me! At first I thought it might just be a cricket, but he never hopped. I can pretty much handle spiders, but this thing freaked me out!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bubbly Personality

In Florida, Bexley really blossomed! We caught all sorts of cute things she did on video so Daddy Mitch wouldn't feel left out!
WARNING: Most of the videos on our blog will be very boring to those who aren't a doting daddy, proud long-distance grandparents, loving aunties & uncles, or my dear friend Lizeth!... We just couldn't help it, she's just so cute!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tia Ivee

Tia Ivee rocking Baby Bex to sleep in Granny's backyard.

One of the things I loved most about Bexley's first trip to Florida was watching her bond with her Tia Ivee. I really wish I had gotten video of the first time Ivee changed Bexley's diaper.... Somehow she got the dirty one re-taped to the clean one; so when she lifted Bexley up, both the clean and dirty diaper went with her! Ivee learned a lot about motherhood... I think the thing she learned most is that she's in no rush to be a Mom! She enjoys being a cool Tia, then handing Baby Bex off when things go awry! Ivee was so excited to have Bexley in town. She introduced her to her local friends, her international friends on Skype, and took probably close to a million photos and videos with her on her computer. I think she probably has more pictures of HER with Bex than I do! I love how much she loves Bexley and how proud she is of her little niece.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Florida OR Bust!

I don't think the drive to Florida would have gone as well as it did had Bexley not had a babysitter with her in the back the entire way! Rivers did a great job keeping Bexley calm... I really think she enjoyed his company! The ride home without him was not as easy, for many reasons, but I think she missed him too.

Rivers with his head in Bexley's carrier.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bexley's 4 Month Appointment!

Bexley resting at the hotel after a long trip from Ohio to South Carolina.
Past the half way point and still a happy camper!

I cannot how time has just flown by & that our baby girl is already 4 months old! Everytime Bexley has a check up, Mitch and I have a contest. We guess how much she weighs-closest without going over wins! This time we decided to include the whole family! Whoever guessed the closest, I promised a little treat in the mail! Bexley was born at 9lbs, 3ozs.

Here are her stats from her 4 month appointment:
16 lbs, 6.5 ozs. (96%)
25 3/4 inches (95%)
head 16 1/2 inches (78%)

We definitely have a very healthy, happy girl! Papa Jose guessed the closest with 16 lbs, 5 ozs.... But Mitch is still claiming he won because he guessed, "Whatever Papa Jose guessed, plus .5 ozs." I know, what a cheater! Everyone else, including me, was WAY off! So Papa, I'll be sending you a gift in the mail soon! I already got Mitch girl scout cookies for technically winning. He's a smart, strategic boy, but Papa Jose deserves a reward too for actually guessing it!