Friday, February 26, 2010

Date Night!... Or Afternoon....

Mitch & I decided long before little Bexley showed up that we would continue to have time to ourselves AT LEAST once a month. I just love date night & being able to spend one-on-one time with my handsome hubby. This month he took me to "DREAMGIRLS".... the musical, NOT the strip club all you Ohio natives are thinking about!

While we were there, I sent a text to my friend Karla Mosley. She was in a production of DREAMGIRLS in Texas, so I texted her a message that said "Just thinking of you! We're seeing DREAMGIRLS in Columbus today!" But, when I went to send it I realized I wasn't sending it to Karla- I ALMOST sent it to a guy named Karl from our church! This probably would have been a funnier story if I had actually sent the text... but we probably spared Karl a heart attack!
I had a great afternoon and Mitch got to catch up on his "beauty sleep" at the show- a definite win-win situation! . Can't wait till "Wicked" comes to town!

The girls we asked to take this picture of us decided it would be cool to wait for the "DREAMGIRLS" sign in the picture. So we waited, and waited in this pose until it showed up again. I think there are ten other shows coming to this theater cause it took awhile! Mitch left his jacket in the car and it was VERY cold and windy-Check out the sign.... Was it worth the wait or what?... I think the answer is "Or what!"

Couch Rest

I knew one day Bexley would get sick for the first time!... I just didn't think it'd be the same time as her Papa! The two of them were a real sight yesterday-both with runny noses, both crying for attention!... Mitch isn't much of a complainer, so for him to say "I think I'm really sick," you know he must be next to dying!

Bexley really played up being sick. Last night she refused to sleep unless she was being held-which made for a really long night for Mom. Today she's still a little stuffy, but in a much better mood. She LOVES her little green chair!

Today, Mitch came home, still sick, to find Bexley watching TV in her favorite chair-hogging the remote! What's Dr.Mom's big plan for her two sick babies? Tylenol & couch rest!
Nothing the Olympics & PTI can't cure!

Really? My turn to have the remote?

What do you mean don't eat it!?! What else am I supposed to do with it?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ward Talent Show

Inspired by Rachelle, Brendon & the Brown Boys at the family reunion, Mitch and I decided to showcase our talent at the Ward Talent Show yesterday. With the help of our friends Alex & Linnie, we put on a show-stopping skit!...... We even won "Best in Show!"

The video was a taking way too long to post here, so I uploaded it to YouTube:

Click this link:

It's also on my facebook page! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VT: Managing Resources Wisely and Staying Out of Debt

The Visiting Teaching Message for this month is one very close to my heart. Debt is not only a temporal responsibility, it is a spiritual one as well. Think of those you know who are overwhelmed with debt... Most are frustrated, even depressed. Now think of a person you know who is living within, even below, their means. Their financial freedom allows them to better serve their families and others in need.

Debt can destroy our self-esteem and our happiness. It is hard to see the light over the horizon when your heart is weighed down and you can't seem to keep your head above water. It is even harder to remember you are a loved child of our Heavenly Father when you see your world crumbling around you and feel abandoned by the Lord. In times of great need, we must remember-the Lord knows our sorrow and is always waiting for us to turn to Him for assistance.

President Spencer W. Kimball promised, "If we live wisely and providently, we will be as safe as in the palm of His hand."

I made these cute purses for the sisters I visit teach and they loved them! I had to hand write on the coins because I visit teach in Spanish, but the one at the site is in English. All you have to do is cut and tape- no worries!

I have found some great visiting teaching blogs that would inspire even the most uninspired to go do their visiting teaching! One of them is
Get inspired! Go visit your sisters!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ticklish Toes

By popular demand, we're posting some mini-videos for the Grandmas! Ladies, you'll love this! We found our new favorite game with Bexley-it's so fun to see her personality growing.

She was kinda distracted, so we tried it one more time-but she had enough! I love her so much- she's even cute when she's grumpy!


A day off from work, yet still hard at work!
Our neighbor Twyla sings Mitch's praises every time it snows and he shovels both our driveways! The last big snow storm, he was out of town and Twyla and I braved the cold and helped each other finish the job. I must say, it's nice to have him back so I can cheer him on from the warm living room. I would help, but we only have one shovel and he won't share!

Check out the snow on our patio table! I was going to measure it with a ruler, but I think I need a measuring stick!

Happy Valentines Day!

Mitch, Bexley & I had a great Valentines Day together! I don't know how he did it, but Mitch somehow bought and hide these beautiful flowers for me! I was surprised with them Valentines' morning with a cute card that had a picture of Rivers in it, looking guilty.... Evidently I would have had chocolates too, if he hadn't eaten them!

Since it was Sunday, we weren't planning on doing much. My friend, Michele Boehmke, and her family invited us over for dinner. Every time we go to Michele's they just have the best food! Her husband, Tim, made potato soup. He is a very good cook! Then, we had fun making pizzas and attempted to do some foot stamping of the babies.... For those of you inspired to get your baby's foot & handprints for your scrapbooks, I highly suggest doing it while their asleep! We learned the hard way! The footprints went ok, but the handprints were a nightmare! Both Bexley & Milo curled their hands shut & made it impossible to get a decent print!

Michele- your dinner invitation was an inspired one! Our oven "kicked the bucket" that night and is still not working! But, we haven't even had to cook since you feed us Sunday and we had the leftovers for dinner tonight!... Now just hope the repair guy shows up tomorrow and doesn't get snowed out like he did today! Thanks again!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amanda's B-Day Bash!

January 2oth, 2010- For my birthday this year, we decided to take a special trip to Cleveland! We drove up, stayed at a hotel and spent the whole next day exploring the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame! Since we left late, Bexley slept the whole ride up. By the time we were settled into our hotel room, she decided it was time to wake up and play! This picture was taken around 3am-when she was at her most talkative state. She just hated the hotel crib and would not calm down in it-we finally decided to just let her hang out with us.... She loved that, and babbled and cooed away while Mitch and I tried to sleep.

Bexley's sleepless night paid off in the long run. She fell asleep the next morning as we were leaving the hotel, slept through our entire trip to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the West Side Market. Actually, she slept until we were an hour away from being home!..... Yup, a seven hour daytime "nap"-which resulted in another sleepless night for Mom, but well worth the quiet day and quality time I got to spend with my hubby. Whether she knows it or not, the "day off" was the best gift little Bexley could give me for my birthday! We don't have any other pictures because the museum doesn't allow pictures inside, but it's definitely an interesting place for all music fans to visit.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bexley's First Christmas Dress

I could not believe how hard it was to find a Christmas dress for a newborn!
These pictures were taken on Dec. 17th- I can't believe how different she looked only 10 days later on the day she was blessed!
Ivee's favorite picture

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Taz

Well, I should have known what I was in for when I found out Mitch's nickname as a baby was "Baby Taz!" Bexley sure can cry with the best of them!.... A trait she definitely picked up from her papa! This cute outfit showed up on our doorstep from Aunt Ada & Uncle Luis. Ada found this outfit 3 years ago-just about right after Mitch & I got married- and had been holding onto it, just waiting for our first little "Taz" to make her appearance. Like I said, just like her papa.

Kim's 22nd B-Day! Dec. 28th, 2009

While my family were in town for Christmas, we got to celebrate Kimmi's B-day with her!

We ate at Asian Gourmet- Sushi & Thai food- true Kimmi style!

No job, but still working hard! How does that work? Just kidding Dad!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bexley's Baby Blessing

Bexley Belisaria Brown received her baby blessing on Sunday, December 27th, 2009 in the Westerville 2nd Ward of the Columbus Ohio East Stake from her Papa, Mitch Brown.

Bexley was blessed with:
  • A compassionate heart, like her Mother's
  • A sense of humor- to help her overcome challenges she encounters in her life.
  • To have empathy towards her brothers & sisters (fellowman)
  • The gift of tongues- to speak to members of her family who speak different languages
  • To honor her heritage-spiritual and cultural-both pioneer and converts of the church
  • A desire to marry in the temple and lead her family with a worthy man
  • A love for the commandments and a desire to follow them
  • To "waste not a moment" in life and pursue an education
  • To have a sense of accountability and integrity
  • To have a personal relationship with the Savior
I wish I could have remembered every word, it was a very inspired blessing. Her grandpa, Papa Garcia, was in the circle, along with many close family friends from our loving ward.

She's a real talker-just like Mom & Grandma!

I absolutely love the dress she wore! After searching for weeks- and finding nothing-I stumbled across this dress with my Mom and sisters when we were holiday shopping! Thank you Ivee, for being constantly thirsty! Without you, we would have never gone to the food court and passed the store that had this dress! I knew it was the dress the second we saw it-especially when we all started screaming and running for it! This is my favorite face!