Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meli's Baby Shower!

While I was in California, Cynthia Cooper, a sister from Amelia's ward, hosted her baby shower. It was so fun! She got a ton of cute things for her little future missionary.... Like this cute onesie!

Our matching baby bumps!

One of her friends made this amazing cake that tasted as great as it looked!

With some serious help, I managed to make these cute receiving blankets as part of Meli's gift. For my 1st ones ever, I think they came out pretty awesome! This one was our favorite:
And these two were Bex's favorite:

Although she couldn't make it to the shower, Liz made sure Amelia still got her shower present: "The Gas We Pass" & "Everyone Poops" (which Emily & Madison made clear it was LIZ'S idea to get) & the cute monkey bag!

All in all, it was a great time! Miss you Meli! Glad I could be there!


  1. You two sisters look so cute. And I did a happy dance to finaly see a post!!! I know I know you can give me a hard time later!! :)

  2. I know! Now that I'm home, keep an eye out! I'll be back blogging our trip to Cali & DC, so take a peek at those!